‘Real Housewives': NeNe Talks Charles Grant and Other Women

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta has only been airing its newest season for about five weeks and already the women are talking behind everyone’s back. One of the newest rumors regarding NeNe Leakes is that she has been having an affair with Charles Grant, the man who was featured on last week’s episode. NeNe is one of those women who have no trouble admitting to her flaws and mistakes, including sleeping with Charles. But she flat-out denies it.

“These girls will not give credit where it’s due, because their goal is to tear you down and put out false information, just as they tried to do with me, Gregg and Charles,” she explained in a Reality Tea report. “Gregg knows me and I know him. Our relationship was not based on lies or gossip.” It looks like the women from The Real Housewives of Atlanta are trying to tear NeNe down unsuccessfully – and NeNe can do nothing but laugh about it.

So what does this The Real Housewives of Atlanta star have to say about her alleged affair with Charles Grant? “I wouldn’t go 2 the zoo wit Charles Grant! I’am VERY n Love & VERY happy & this is a VERY good time 4 me n my life! Winning,” NeNe tweeted to her fans after the episode aired. So she wouldn’t even go to the zoo with him, so what makes you think she will sleep with him? Either she is being bluntly honest or she is denying it hardcore.

Somehow, NeNe doesn’t look like one of those people who would need to deny an affair. She admitted to being a stripper, so it looks like she owns everything, including her mistakes. So why would the women from The Real Housewives of Atlanta start these rumors? “We are up to the fifth episode, and the girls have talked about me in every one. Is that hating or what?”

Hating? Jealousy? Gossip? Whatever you call it, it doesn’t seem to be affecting NeNe too much.

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