‘Real Housewives': NeNe’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Paycheck was Small

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Remember when NeNe Leakes said that she was “very rich” on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Remember how she indicated that perhaps she got a big paycheck from doing Celebrity Apprentice? Oh and remember how she was flaunting her ‘richness’ in front of the other women, even going as far as to make t-shirts about her being rich? Well, now Donald Trump Jr. is speaking out how much she was paid to do the Celebrity Apprentice, making her not so rich after all.

On the show’s opener, NeNe told Sheree, “While you were running your mouth, I was running to the bank … depositing a Trump check.” Well, surely when you are broke, a check from Trump would make you feel rich, but now Trump is setting the record straight about how rich NeNe is. According to Reality Tea, Trump Jr. explains that if NeNe is rich, it isn’t due to the Celebrity Apprentice paychecks. So where is The Real Housewives of Atlanta diva getting her money?


“All of the celebrities on the show play for charity. She received a small appearance fee, sure, but that was it,” Trump Jr. said in a statement. “And as far as I know, she’s not involved with any of our other business or corporations. So I’m not sure what she’s talking about.” Not so rich, perhaps? This small fee that Trump is talking about was close to $25,000 for doing the show – not per episode! Sure, if you are broke, $25,000 is lots of money, but nowhere near rich. And The Real Housewives of Atlanta also pays her a flat fee per episode, but she is not making millions.

How is NeNe Leakes rich?

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