‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Cynthia Bailey Outraged at Kenya Moore’s Lies

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Avid fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta know that newbie Kenya Moore is really stirring things up among the women, especially Cynthia Bailey! These two beauties have a feud going that is only going to heat up. In episode 2 of RHoA, Kenya managed to step on Cynthia’s toes once again when she tried taking over a party she hosted for NeNe Leakes.

In the Cynthia’s latest blog post on BRAVO, she was outraged at Kenya’s false claims made to fellow cast members, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks.

When Kenya told the two women that JET magazine asked her to be a judge in episode 1 at The Bailey Agency, Cynthia shot back in her blog, writing, “that’s the first lie.” She pointrf out — as viewers are well aware — that it was she who invited Kenya to the modeling competition, not JET. It was quite the circus to watch, that’s for sure.

The “second lie” Cynthia wrote was Kenya saying her bodyguard kicked Cynthia’s assistant, Carlton, out of The Bailey Agency.

Cynthia wrote in her RHoA blog:

“The man at the school with Kenya approached Carlton, we all had words, and he was told to have a seat. That’s exactly what he did. End of story.

“Sidebar: I had no idea that guy was her bodyguard . I just assumed he was a family member who just came along with her for the car ride.”

Find out what happens in episode 3 of Real Housewives, sparks will fly between Kenya and the next new cast member of the show, Porsha Stewart. Read spoiler details here.

When Cynthia finished calling out Kenya on her lies, her attention pointed to Kandi and Phaedra. Their reactions to what Kenya was saying didn’t go unnoticed by her. Didn’t they seem to secretly enjoy the trouble Kenya was giving Cynthia? It’s funny how no one stops to think about the fact all this footage will be seen by the very person they’re talking about.

Cynthia added in her blog:

“Extra sidebar: It was a bit disappointing to watch Kandi and Phaedra faces light up with so much joy when Kenya was berating me at their first lunch. Their facial expressions were irreplaceable and unforgettable.”

Kenya Moore will be a polarizing personality this season on RHoA. Will she manage to alienate everyone in season 5?

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