‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Women Are All About the Money

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The Real Housewives reunions are often about the women’s need to discuss things that were said and done over the past season. These topics often include backstabbing, betrayal, lies, and just downright fun moments. But last night’s reunion for the Atlanta women seemed to be all about the money—and who has the most of it. None of the women have actually given figures, but them flashing their careers and saying ‘I’m rich’ to one another surely starts some competition and feuds.

How much is Nene leakes worth?Well, many of the women had beef with NeNe because it seems that fame has changed her. Earlier during the season, NeNe used the words, ‘I’m rich b*tch’ and this saying seems to have defined her mentality according to the other housewives. It is all about money, status and power. And now that she is on Glee and considered a Hollywood actress, she thinks she is better than the other women on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, everything discussed last night was about money and who had the most of it. Many of the women on Real Housewives of Atlanta thinks that fame and money has changed NeNe. Kim Zolciak made some solid points about NeNe’s desperation to get attention by flaunting her money. Rich people don’t say they are rich and Kandi is probably the richest of them all.

Sheree’s discussions on child support also came down to the fact that she isn’t getting any money from Bob. In addition, she isn’t spending money on Chateau Sheree, because she didn’t have the money to finish it. Sure, she blames it on contractors, but if she had the money she would just pay to get some new ones.

Since the reunion was all about money, The Hollywood Reporter decided to ask fans to see who they thought had the most money. And the majority seems to think that Kim is right about Kandi’s wealth. 84.05% of voters believe that Kandi is the richest. She is also the only one who isn’t talking about money, which could prove Kim’s theory correct. Only 8.31% believe that NeNe is the richest. But if NeNe thinks that $25,000 makes her rich, then let her think that.

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