Real Housewives of New Jersey-Albie Manzo’s Law School Dilemma

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So the most recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey featured some touching moments. Dina is no longer filming on the show, as she left to focus on her family and cats, and to no longer be caught up in Danielle Staub drama.

Caroline’s family is definitely maturing. All the kids are doing something with their lives or at least trying to do something. Caroline’s daughter is at cosmetology school (I think she graduated on this episode, they had a celebratory dinner for some reason) studying make up and shows interest in Avant garde make up application. Also Christopher is working at the family business, the Brownstone, and Albie is in law school.

The most recent issue with Albie, Caroline’s eldest son who is 23 years old. He has a learning disability–not really specified, but it takes him longer to read and grasp certain ideas. His first semester at law school was difficult and he found himself to be in trouble academically. His GPA is currently not where the school or he would like it to be and his continuance with this particular law school is contingent on the results of his appeal. It’s really hard to watch someone who is like the apple of the family’s eye, try so hard at doing something they want to do, and for them to not be able to do it because of a learning disability. I completely agree with Caroline when she said: “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.” The conversation and exchange between Caroline and her son was so sincere and heartfelt. It really demonstrates a mother’s love and how much it pains a mother to see any of her children be hurt or not be able to do want they want in their lives. It reminded me of many chats I had with my own mother.

I was glad I was able to watch the show this week for this moment. I don’t care too much for Danielle and her reconstructive plastic surgery or her other drama, but I guess she’s glad now her breasts are no longer deformed. 

What do you think of Caroline’s family?

What are your thoughts on Albies situation in law school? Any suggestions?

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