‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Tensions Continued, June 3 Episode

For the June 3 recap of Real Housewives of New Jersey, struggles persist with family dynamics — especially with Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo.

The first part of the show opened with Kathy Wakile and Rosie having a heart-to-heart about homosexuality. Kathy didn’t learn of her sister’s lifestyle until they were in their 30’s. Later on, Rosie told her niece and nephew she’s gay. It went well and it didn’t change how they felt about their aunt.

Joe Gorga texted Teresa Giudice about going to therapy together. Teresa didn’t respond right away. She talked with her friend, Kim D. who suggested she go with Joe to therapy since he might be the one with issues, not her. Jacqueline Laurita believes Teresa is in “denial” that she resents Joe.

When everyone arrived at Jamie and Rich’s house for their upcoming wedding, drama hits when Teresa wears a “love” necklace and makes her fear of dogs known. Caroline is the least happy of everyone — hinting to Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers that it’s her sister, Dina, who didn’t show up because of Teresa. After all, she’s the one responsible for fanning the flames of dysfunction going on in her family.

In other Real Housewives of New Jersey recaps, Caroline worries that Joe Giudice will say something about Jamie’s sexuality, which he did. Joe talks about penis size with Jamie and Rich — and how he and a friend compared theirs in a pool once. Jacqueline wasn’t amused and said sometimes Joe feel he’s “above the law” and “maybe he is.”

Jamie wanted Caroline to write up something about him to say at the wedding. She’s nervous about talking about his struggles.

When Kathy’s friend, Heather Robinson, showed up, Rosie had an instant crush on her. Heather is definitely Rosie’s type and everyone has fun with it. It doesn’t matter that Heather is married, she gives Rosie something to get excited about later on when she goes in for a big kiss in the hot tub. Prior to that, Rosie loosened up, partied, and had revealing talks with Heather.

Next week’s episode will have more come to a head when the wedding between Jamie and Rich begins. Joe Giudice make some homophobic comments and Caroline grows upset over a tabloid article about Teresa.

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