Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Danielle Staub Has Sex Tape Video! Would You Read Her Autobiography? Can You Relate to Her?

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Danielle Staub, arguably the most hated of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” has been caught in another sex tape scandal, reports

The video was filmed last September, reports say, a few months after the mother of two began filming RHONJ. It’s over an hour long and features an “unidentified man.”

Hustler, Inc. is releasing the tape. They told E! Online that 47-year-old Staub “knows it’s being released.”

This isn’t Staub’s first trip to the sex tape rodeo. Last year she obtained a court order, CBS reports, to keep her ex-boyfriend from releasing a sexual video of her.

Danielle Staub’s autobiography entitled “The Naked Truth” was released on on May 25. Is anybody reading it?

This woman hasn’t exactly made herself very likable on television. Yes, a few of the other housewives absolutely despise her, but they don’t seem to be good judges of character anyway. But there’s just something about Danielle that makes even TV viewers feel like she’s up to no good, telling lies or being deceitful.

I had no idea she had an autobiography until I covered this story, but it makes me wonder – does anyone want to read about this woman and her sex tape scandals and her experience being the most hated woman on TV? …Well, maybe they do! I have no idea. I cannot relate to her at all so I would never pick up her book, but she certainly does make me feel better about my own career and life.

Congrats on the sex tape Danielle! Stay classy!

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