Real Housewives of New York City–News Flash: Bethenny is not Trying to Kill You!

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So we are back at again. I just wonder if Kelly will look back at this season’s video clips and see that she was actually the instigator in most of her conflict’s with Bethenny and everyone else for that matter!

She, meaning Kelly, started out the show already with a chip on her shoulder. Bethenny lists off “I’m a chef, author, and a ho bag.” Kelly is quick to interrupt and correct Bethenny yelling that Bethenny is a cook. She says repeatedly that Bethenny is just a cook even though she doesn’t know what Bethenny’s credentials are, she insists. It’s like “hello?” who are you to say what someone is or isn’t, especially if you have no proof and you don’t know. This incident spirals out amongst everyone and it becomes all too apparent that Kelly is starting all the conflict. She is instigating everything. When Bethenny or Ramona or anyone talks back to her she starts yelling and gets overly defensive–creating even more drama!

As the girls start to realize what’s really going on with Kelly and Kelly continues to not make sense, Ramona tries to apologize to Bethenny for the Brooklyn Bridge assault. “Are you going to make out with the tongue?” Kelly mocks. Anything involved with Bethenny she tries and tried to infiltrate and become a part of whatever the topic of discussion. The thing is that in other cases she had a rally of Bethenny haters: Luann or Jill, but those ladies were not at this party/trip. Kelly was alone from the new founded three musketeers, and the other girls on the trip were all friends with her, but they were now noticing that she had an irrational dislike and fear of Bethenny. These women weren’t in high stress charity events or social gatherings, they were relaxed in a paradise setting and Kelly’s tense vibe was ruining their mellow.

“It’s like freakin Hades in here” Kelly says. Sonja had it right when she said that the lady was getting “weird.” She was completely out of control. I think she had a mental break, like a for real nervous breakdown on television. It was scary to watch her spinning and saying such absurd things. I do think someone somehow poisoned her on the idea that Bethenny is out to kill her. I don’t think, actually I know that Bethenny did  not plant information in the Press about Kelly and her family. Bethenny was on her book tour, meeting Jason, and promoting Skinny Girl products.

I guess in short Kelly rejoice because although the girls are frustrated with you, no one, especially not pregnant, grieving (her father), engaged Bethenny are trying to kill you!

One thing I’d like to say is that I really am liking Sonja. She is beautiful, social, level headed, enjoys food, wine, a good time, and sleep–a woman after my own heart. I’m really happy with her as a new housewife. She’s entertaining and she really does try to be nice to the other ladies and not get too caught up in the drama, at least for now. She’s like the party-comic relief. She really tries to diffuse the tense situation.  

What did you think of this CRAZY episode?

Do you think Kelly actually was having a nervous breakdown?

What else could be behind her paranoia or conspiracy theory involving Bethenny?

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