Real Housewives of New York City-Reunion part 2-Kelly is completely off the Charts!

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The term of the episode coined by Kelly Bensimmon was “systematic bullying.” She truly and honestly believes that the girls were out to get her. She doesn’t take any, any responsiblilty at all for her actions. She is completely out of touch with reality and what actually is going on. She doesn’t see the trip as a breakdown, which is so obviously was, she sees it as a :”break through.” She didn’t seek help. She thinks everyone should have apologized to her.

Kelly goes on a rampage talking about how she was glad that she was able to go on the trip and be a role model for kids who get bullied. She also goes on to talk about how bullying can happen to anyone from age 7, 8, all the way to a woman in her 40’s, i.e. “herself.” It’s just weird to watch. It honestly is like a train wreck, it’s horrible but can’t turn away because you are in such shock! She instigated arguments with virtually everyone on the yacht! She contradicted herself a record number of times on the trip and throughout the entire season! She was the bully to a pregnant, grieving lady! She doesn’t ever take into consideration how she behaves in the company of Bethenny. True they had their weird disagreements in season 2, but Kelly has a vindictive streak. When it comes to Bethenny she goes for the jugular every time.  

Brief examples of Kelly’s “crazy:”

“Bravo made me go on the trip” says Kelly.

“That’s not true,” clarifies Andy Cohen.

“She makes stuff up, she’s going to tell us that she’s an African American woman here in a second” Bethenny jests.

Even the LuAnn talks about how Kelly instigated so many of the dramatic exchanges, for instance with saying that Bethenny was just a cook.

She’s off the charts! I wonder what will happen with Bethenny off the show next season.

What did you think of the second part of the Reunion?

Has your opinion shifted on Kelly?

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