Real Housewives of New York Episode 9 Recap: Kelly Goes Crazy, LuAnn Attempts to Sing, & Jill is MIA

The ninth episode of the Real Housewives of New York was not an episode to be missed. Bravo put on quite a show last night, and I must say I was pleased. For the first time, the housewives showed a new side – being hammered. And I for one enjoyed myself.

Ramona, Sonja, Bethenny, Kelly, and Alex all traveled down to St. John’s to celebrate Ramona’s renewal of her wedding vows after 17 years of marriage. If I were stuck on a yacht for a week (no matter how many employees were hired to kiss my ass) with these women I would for sure be getting sauced every day. And that’s exactly what the ladies did (minus the pregnant Bethenny) Sonja and Ramona seemed to be the most intoxicated; Ramona was stuttering her words and Sonja was admitting that Hooters girls were hot.

Kelly seemed to be the source of the drama on the trip. She still holds a serious grudge against Bethenny and claimed that she wasn’t a “real Chef,” because she didn’t know anyone that has had Bethenny cook for her. She also talked about how she doesn’t eat anything processed, but loves candy and gummy bears because they are fun. Oh Kelly, you really make yourself look stupid. She then proceeded to call Bethenny a whore because she has had a one night stand (who hasn’t) and Kelly doesn’t adhere to that lifestyle. I don’t know why Kelly chose last night of all nights to give Bethenny a hard time considering she had just buried her estranged father.

LuAnn was shown recording her new “song” Money Doesn’t Buy You Class or whatever the hell it’s called. She. Can’t. Sing. Let’s leave it at that. She also went on a date with the gross and sloppy dude, Courte, from last week’s episode. The two flirted and acted overly classy as usual. Courte kept trying to make out with LuAnn and she said how they had great chemistry. I just think they are a gross couple and am not rooting for this guy.

Bravo must have gotten the memo that Jill was starting to get on everyone’s nerves because she was MIA last night and I think that was a great choice on their part. I don’t know if I am even ready to watch her cry and whine next week.

And another episode of NYC Housewives commences and I am officially satisfied. Are you?



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