Real Housewives of New York Finale: Bethenny and Jill square off, Ramona and Mario renew their vows


From the beginning of this season of Real Housewives of New York to the end Jill and Bethenny were at odds. They barely spoke to one another and everytime there was an event tension would spark between them.

Throughout the season Jill has had run ins with most of the housewives except LuAnn-maybe because to her LuAnn is the underdog now-well at least to her(Jill).

Bethenny was the closest to Jill of all the housewives but when Bethenny’s success jumped off Jill became more distant from her. She was unsupportive of her career,her engagement, her father passing and her pregnanacy. It seems like Jill just couldn’t be happy for Bethenny.

After Jill lost most of her friends she felt bad about how she treated Bethenny and tried to make amends with her.

When Jill and Bethenny met up to talk Jill told Bethenny how bad she felt about not being there for Bethenny. She cried but Bethenny wasn’t sympathetic, Jill tried to butter Bethenny up by bringing her some potato cakes and she also apologized, but was she sincere?

Bethenny told Jill how much she appreciated her reaching out even though she tried to be the bigger person several times by reaching out to Jill, but like Ramona said it’s all about Jill; it has to be on Jill’s terms only.

Ex-Countess LuAnn performed he new hit single “Elegance is learned” at her record release party. All of the wives came to see LuAnn except Ramona and Alex.

It was a special night for Ramona and Mario who renewe their vows to honor their 17 year marriage. All of the housewives attended and Ramona was happy. Ramona’s daughter Alley was her maid of honor and the evening turned out to be a great ending.

While at Ramona’s and Mario’s vow renewal Jill complains about what she feels is not right about the set up, right after she had a chat with Ramona about her rude and self-absorbed behavior. Other than Jill’s usual criticism the event was amazing.

After the finale LuAnn began working on her second single called, “Chic C’est La Vie (Life is Chic). She is also still dating Jacques, the man she brought to her record release party.

Alex is still promoting her parenting book.

Ramona went to Kenya to renew all girls Safari.

Bethenny who has had her baby and is also married will be starring in her own reality show, “Bethenny Getting Married”.

Sonja the new housewife is working on her book called “Sexy Society”.

Kelly, still Kelly living in her own fantasy island!

And for Jill she is still where she was on the finale-a mean girl who’s still in highschool!. However her husband is feeling better and her daughter is headed off to college.

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