Real Housewives of Orange County–Vikki breaks down

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So there was a lot of drama on tonight with the real housewives of the OC–as always! I really just wanted to highlight a few main instances that occurred. Well for starters, the theme of tonight’s show seemed to be based around a whole lot of B.S.–or Bulls**t!

I liked how it was like a “to-be-continued” type of episode last week in San Francisco and this week opened with the girls sitting for lunch at a table at The Waterbar Restaurant. The episode starts mid conflict between this season’s newcome Alexis and the OC veteran Vikki. It seems to me that Vikki has a problem with every newcomer. She has stated before on how she kind of hates change. It is definitely apparent to most viewers and people on the show because she fights change with tooth and nail!

The debate ensued when Alexis called Vikki out on her comment that “she works” which insinuated that none of the other housewives, especially Alexis, worked. When Vikki had said this and then left at Lynn’s dinner party, Alexis and the others had talked about it; so it seemed aired out and done. That was not the case, not when at Fleur dy Ly (restaurant in San Francisco) Alexis kept calling and receiving chronic, obsessive calls to and and from her husband, Jim while trying to enjoy dinner with the girls. Vikki was upset by that, of course, because Vikki is very independent and she has a problem with her friends’ marriages and relationships where the women are not as free and independent as she is–she feels bad for her friends. It is a sign of genuine concern on Vikki’s part, but it doesn’t always come across that way. So when Vikki brought this “phone” issue up with Alexis, Alexis lost it! She had bottled up her feelings on the insult of her not really working (which she is a stay at home wife, but with like 3 nannies, and other help?), Vikki’s reaction to her telling her long-winded love story of how she met Jim, and when Vikki got on her case about the constant phoning and checking in with Jim. Alexis then flipped the script and attacked Vikki on her taking business phone calls and messages and working all the time and being rude. She somehow got Tamra involved in the argument and that’s when Vikki decided to leave because she felt she had no one on her side, sticking up for her.

Vikki has really grown attached to Tamra and she already feels that Simon has put a strain on their friendship and for the newbie, Alexis to come in, was her last straw!  She walked out yelling : “How dare you! You don’t even know me…You don’t know Tamra…” and after she went outside and the girls reconvened to talk again Vikki stated: “You’re not nice in the way you deliver!” to Alexis following with her explanation of her previous comment: “You don’t work! So what…You be all that…I’m out…it’s unforgivable” (unforgivable referred to the act of turning everyone against her).

The really interesting part was Briana’s role in the whole argument. All the women: Alexis, Tamra, and Gretchen all turned to her and were talking and asking: “what’s wrong with your mother?” and her reply to them was priceless!

“I’m 22, a nurse and I don’t want to deal with your Bulls***!” –Briana

She commented later into the camera how she had felt like she was the only adult seated at the table. In retrospect, she may potentially have cancer tumors, nodules in her affecting her thyroid and they are fighting over such petty things! They are older in age, but so ridiculous! I agree and can relate to Briana when she says that “this is why I don’t hang out with girls–” girls are such drama! It’s so true. The arguments and the caddiness most of the time, when stripped down, really is over nothing! The other thing I admired was how Briana stuck up for her mom saying how she gets really defensive over her mom because she know how hard she works. It was really thoughtful of her to say something like that–it was genuine.

It was a good episode for the most part. It showed a lot more of Alexis and it showed the vulnerable side of Vikki. I think everything seems like a bigger deal to Vikki for a couple reasons, one may be biological (i.e. menopause) another may be her deteriorating friendship with Tamra. Also the stress of her daughter being sick! I felt sorry for Vikki on this episode.

Do you agree with Vikki: “the fun is gone?”

Do you think Vikki will stay on the show?

Do you think she truly is over all the B.S. and drama for awhile?

What did you think of Briana on tonight’s episode?


There were other side stories that went on, that I have opinions on as well, but the Vikki and Alexis fight dominated the show, but I will post more about Lynn and her current situation with Frank and the family later. So stay tuned ;)




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