‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Details Before Tomorrow’s Premiere

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The Real Housewives of Vancouver, the first Canadian installment of the successful Bravo franchise, is set to premiere tomorrow night during a two-hour event. The Hollywood Gossip is trying to draw attention to the premiere by giving some new details about the new housewives, who are representing Canada … in the worst possible way! The women on the show will show their glamorous lifestyles, their expensive homes, their hot husbands – and share their deepest secrets despite their wishes to keep them silent.

Well, the Slice Network is airing the show and it is planned that the show will use the wildly successful Bravo series to gain ratings. So what better way than to find the most dramatic and wild women to represent The Real Housewives of Vancouver to kick off the first official season of the show in Canada? The Hollywood Gossip has found some new details about the stars of the show, including Reiko MacKenzie, Cristina Kiesel, Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, Jody Claman and Mary Zilba.

The cast of Real Housewives of Vancouver.

MacKenzie is married, has two children, high-end cars and a 458 Italia valued together at $1 million. It sounds like she is rather materialistic and she is all about how people perceive her. Kiesel has been married twice, is a world traveler and is the life of the party. Negus may have four houses in the same neighborhood, right beside one another. What’s the point in that? She also owns a yacht, a vineyard and four children with her husband. Claman owns a clothing store and she is single mother. Claman is the cast member who labeled herself as ‘Martha Stewart on acid.’ And lastly, Zilba is a successful singer, single mother of three, former Miss Ohio and with dreams of returning to the spotlight.

Are you looking forward to meet the women?

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