‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Recap: Episode 1 – Fights, Drama and Booze

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The Real Housewives of Vancouver had its two-hour series premiere last night and it seems that the women put themselves on the same level as the Bravo women. The first two episodes had backstabbing, crying, drinking and of course, a couple of shots of Botox. The first hour of the series premiere was spent introducing fans to the five new housewives. Jody was the first housewife that viewers met and she is a handful. With a fur on her shoulders every other day, this mother is best friends with her daughter. She calls herself a mother-preneur, as she is proud of her catering business. Rather than focusing on the food, she focuses on the dollar amounts – “In the beginning, I was making $300 per day and then we were making $40,000 per day.”

Mary was the second housewife that viewers met and she is definitely the emotional one of the bunch. Although she may get her confidence from her three sons’ friends, who are calling her a MILF every day, she doesn’t have much confidence when it comes to confronting the other women. She has already shed tears during the first 40 minutes of the show! So, one would think that she would be the ideal victim for housewife number three. Ronnie, the proud mother who lives in a gated community, speaks her mind, even if it means calling the other women ‘sluts’ and indicating a promiscuous lifestyle. She is probably on the same level as some of the richest housewives on the Bravo franchise. Add the staff in the home, the yacht, the private jet and the rich husband – and you have Ronnie.

Reiko is the fourth housewife and she is the tomboy of the group. She has her own collection of sports cars that she happily shared with the cameras. This collection includes everything from Bentleys to Ferraris to Lamborghinis to … Smart cars. However, the most insecure housewife is probably Christina, who is the youngest of the bunch. She just reached 30, yet she has been married and divorced twice. Her primary source of income is money from two divorces – two marriages that failed. She believes she worked hard for her money, so those marriages must have sucked.

The cast of Real Housewives of Vancouver. The reality-TV show debuts April 4 on Slice.

Once the housewives were introduced to the viewers, Jody decides to invite all the women to Whistler for a weekend, so she can create some dishes for her upcoming cookbook. Sure, she runs a store, but she loves food, so why not write a cookbook? It’s not like this The Real Housewives of Vancouver star would be the first out of all the housewives on Bravo. All of the women drive up to Whistler in separate cars. Perhaps none of these women have heard of global warming. So, Jody drives all the way to Whistler from Vancouver and cooks up several dishes from her book. The only person who eats the food is Reiko, while the other women just drink booze. Perhaps some of them took an olive. In other words, Jody got no feedback for her cookbook.

Ironically, all the women – including Jody herself – had dinner reservations right after the taste party. Hmmm, who planned that? None of these women are going to eat food and give feedback for a cookbook, only to go to dinner afterwards. At the dinner, it seems that the true colors of the women shine through. Up until now, the women have been nice for the camera, but the dinner reveals that Ronnie is mean, Mary is sensitive and Jody is downright overbearing. The women are not impressed with Christina’s reputation of sleeping around with various men, Jody thinks that she is better than everyone else (probably because of the dead animal on her shoulders) and tries to teach Mary not to date men who are not invested in her and everyone backs Mary in bringing down Jody.

In conclusion, the first episode ends with Christina walking out on the Whistler weekend because of Jody’s overbearing personality, Jody is labeled a bully by the entire group of women and Mary’s values are questioned as she isn’t putting herself first.

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