‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Recap: Episode 2 – Gossip, Birthday and Stripping

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The two-hour premiere of The Real Housewives of Vancouver consisted of two episodes and the second episode started immediately after the first. The second episode centered on Christina’s 30 birthday party, which was hosted by one of her friends at a condo near the marina. It was a lavish, yet typical, condo that is found across Canada, including Vancouver and Toronto. However, before the party got started, the women had to sort out some of the issues from the Whistler weekend, where Jody pretty much attacked Mary for getting her heartbroken, coming across as a bully.

Mary is heartbroken about her friend talking bad about her, telling her that something is wrong with her morals and values since she is always picking bad guys. Mary is heartbroken, so she sits down with Ronnie in hopes that Ronnie will speak to Jody about backing off. However, Ronnie just gives Mary a reality check about her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, Mary’s boyfriend was cheating on her before leaving her, but now Mary is still sleeping with him despite him being with this other woman. That makes Mary the other woman!

So, instead of worrying about what Jody thinks about her morals and values, Mary gets a puppy named George. Viewers get to join her on a $800 shopping spree for the dog, including shirts and a carrying bag. Now, shopping is one thing that these Canadian women have in common with the Bravo Real Housewives.

However, the focus of the episode is on Christina. While the general episode is about planning her birthday party, viewers really got to see just what kind of person she really is. Not only does Christina stand up Reiko for a spa date, which Reiko wanted to give Christina for her birthday, she also leaves Ronnie hanging for a lunch date, resulting in Ronnie consuming four glasses of white wine by herself. She doesn’t even show for her own party’s dress fitting, which leaves some of the women worried. Could she be having a midlife crisis because she is turning 30?

The cast of Real Housewives of Vancouver. The reality-TV show debuts April 4 on Slice.

But Christina’s gay best friend, Kevin Chase, knows exactly how to cheer his friend up. He got her Botox injections for her birthday – what a guy! Once she finally arrives at her party after being about half an hour late, she admits that she is insecure and that she didn’t mean to stand people up. Surprisingly, it seems that she is forgiven and none of the women even question if she is alright!

While Christina is drinking up a storm, Mary is gathering up courage to confront Jody about her harsh comments about her love life and choices in men. However, Jody just expresses that she doesn’t really care too much and that she just needs to do things for herself. It seems that Jody was just saying mean things to her in Whistler to get the attention of the other girls, even if it means bringing others down. Jody ends up leaving with her tiara on her head, feeling great about her decisions. How delusional can one be?

The party ends with a strip party. Christina has had too much to drink and she gets a t-shirt with the quote, “goldigger” on the front and “like a hooker, only smarter” on the back. Only jokester Ronnie could give such a present. She also got her the Fortune 500 magazine, which shows the top business men, so Christina can pick her next husband. Whether it was the alcohol or her letting that led to her dancing in her underwear is unknown, but it seems that the dancing will come back and bite her in the butt on next week’s episode.

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