‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Recap: Episode 5 – Burn the Bridge

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The fifth episode of The Real Housewives of Vancouver starts out with drama right from the beginning. Jody and Ronnie meet up for drinks and Ronnie is quick to bash Mary for the text messages that were sent between the friends. They used to be friends, and while Ronnie is ready to take responsibility, she is already assuming that Mary won’t be apologizing for it. Jody is egging her on in keeping a grudge. Are these women good for each other? It seems like they are getting ready to fight every woman in Vancouver!

Mary and Christina go for a drive together in her brand new white Range Rover. Christina’s birthday, Mary has bought her eyelashes so the women go to pick up her lashes. While some women get Botox, others get eyelashes. Who would have thought?

The two women reflect on the dinner that ended the previous episode, where Christina was left to fend herself with Jody and Ronnie. Mary had left her behind, so she wants to get caught up. They discuss the friendship between Jody and Ronnie and Mary end up reading these ‘threatening’ texts to Christina. She is shocked and she chooses to side with Mary.

Ronnie invites all The Real Housewives of Vancouver women over to a tennis match, but two of the women are noticeably missing. Christina is missing and Mary isn’t there because Ronnie hadn’t invited her over their ‘drinking’ incident. Jody calls Christina pretending to be Revenue Agency, but Christina ends up hanging up on Jody and calling Reiko back. She didn’t want to come to the tennis match because she didn’t want to be in the middle. Then, Ronnie just freaks out on Christina because Mary shared the messages. Isn’t she being a hypocrite? Didn’t Ronnie slam Mary behind her back to Jody? It makes no sense what Ronnie is doing!

Reiko agrees to participate in a fashion show that is part of a big car show; high-end cars paired with high-end fashion. As Reiko says, it’s two of her favorite things and while she is excited about it she is also nervous.

The cast of Real Housewives of Vancouver.

In the meantime, Mary and Ronnie decides to meet up to discuss their drama. Mary is there first, waiting for Ronnie to show up. The women hug and sit down and it is awkward from the start. Ronnie shows up wasted to solve things and starts arguing with Mary about her not stopping the drinking. It comes down to Mary sharing the texts with Jody and Christina, but she claims it was done in rebuttal. They can’t agree on who started it and they end up in tears. These girls need to lay off the wine and start taking responsibility for their actions … and texts.

After Mary makes up with Ronnie, she decides to make plans with Christina. Both women reveal that they didn’t go to the tennis event. Mary is happy that Christina defended her, but she ends up revealing that she met with Ronnie and worked things out. Now Christina is feeling a bit betrayed because now she is on the outside of the group because Ronnie felt offended. It is so much drama over the women because they can’t talk about things openly. Like seriously, who cares about this minor issue?

Luckily, Christina is quick to shut down the drama and start talking about men. Mary sets up her on a date with a younger man, and while Christina often goes after older men, she is attracted to him. While he may not become husband number three, he will surely do for the night.

Mary and her business partner Wendy decide to do a photo shoot for the scarves, so they have some photos for their press materials and their website. Mary has invited all the girls to the hotel where the photo shoot takes place, just to see if all the women can hang out together without drama. Before the alcohol takes effect, the women are actually talking. It is calm and no one is throwing bombs.

Jody ties one of Mary’s scarves around Christina’s head, making her look stupid. It is an insult to both Mary’s business and Christina. Jody quickly gets offended because Mary didn’t know she was jewish. It seems that Jody gets angry with anything and everything, so when Ronnie starts singing in Hebrew, Mary jokingly asks if she is singing about tofu. Then the drama starts! Yes, tofu started the drama.

Ronnie starts looking for trouble with Christina, asking why she got in the middle between her and Mary. Then she turns to Mary about the text messages. Ronnie just wants to fight with everyone. It sounds like the dinner with Mary didn’t mean much. When Ronnie starts slurring her words while trying to talk about the text messages, Mary tells her she has had too much to drink. Indicating that Ronnie can’t handle her alcohol, Ronnie fights back by telling her to “f*ck off.” Low blows are flying and a fight happens in an elevator. Yet, all the women go with Ronnie, calling Mary crazy. Christina sides with Mary, saying she is just standing up for herself — for once.

Will the friendship between Mary and Ronnie ever survive this?

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