‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Will Offer Bravo Women Some Competition

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The Real Housewives of Vancouver is scheduled to start airing its first season in April; and while there haven’t been too many promos for the show, sources say that this show will give several of the Bravo series a run for their money. And while Andy Cohen promised that there wouldn’t be any additional series in the franchise, it seems that Canada has secured a spin-off series in the northwest. And while Andy may not be monitoring the reunion specials, it seems that these women are just as – if not more – dramatic as the women from New Jersey, New York, Atlanta and Beverly Hills.

So, who is part of the new cast for the show? Well, pop star Mary Zilba is one of the stars of the show, who enjoys fake boobs and collagen. In addition, Cristina Kiesel is also a part of the show. She is 29 years old and has been divorced eight times, two of which failed due to a lack of income. Yeah, these are some classy ladies! Oh, Jody Claman is also a part of the The Real Housewives of Vancouver cast. She is a self-proclaimed “Martha Stewart” of the bunch…”on crack.”


And since the first season of the show has finished filming, the women can now compare this season to those of Bravo. “From what I’ve been told, this maybe is one of the most controversial Housewives of all,” Mary Zilba explains. “When you get five women in a room, and they did great casting for this, it doesn’t really matter what walk of life you’re from, or what nationality you are. Personalities clash. You get five women together, something is going to happen, the pots are going to be stirring.” Well, it seems like it will be a clash of rich women, who know what they want and are willing to dump men who don’t make thousands of dollars per week.

If this is the most controversial installment of the franchise, perhaps Bravo will have to reconsider their future casting to make the shows competitive with the Canadian women.

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