‘Real Housewives of Vegas’? No. ‘Vegas Moms’? Yes!

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Is Real Housewives of Vegas the latest series in the Real Housewives franchise? The producers of Pawn Stars and American Restoration have shot a pilot based around the lives of six housewives living in the Las Vegas area. Although the series seems to fit the makings of a Real Housewives spin-off, these ladies have no ties to Bravo.

The new series is titled Vegas Moms and has been filming for several months. Starring in the new show are Amanda Kouretas, April Swartz (Mrs. Nevada 2009), Francine Sanchez (Mrs. Las Vegas 2011), Shannon Love, Carey Kennedy, and Mickey Norton.

According to Las Vegas Weekly, “It is ultra sexy and fun. But they are still moms and homemakers. Yes, there’s crazy stuff and there’s drama, and they live amazing lives. The six of them have a long history together as friends, and their kids all play and know each other.”

“It is the antithesis of Real Housewives if you want to make that comparison. First of all, they are moms, and as often as you’ll see them in Wal-Mart or a Dollar Store, they know when to put on the glitz and shop at Neiman’s and go all-out with super sex appeal when it’s party time.”

“They have kept silent about the show while others have talked about their hoped-for Real Housewives projects, but none have resulted in go-aheads. They were filming long before any of the other female ensemble shows even began being talked about.”

Vegas Moms will air this fall.

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