‘Real Housewives’ Phaedra Parks Separated From Husband Apollo?

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Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta was hired because she actually fit the criteria of the show. She was a housewife, she has a big career as a celebrity lawyer and she was pregnant with her son. During her time on the show, fans have seen some lavish parties, the birth of her son and her husband’s criminal past come through. It sounds like Phaedra was hoping that some of her secrets were kept in private, but it sounds like those secrets are now out in the open. She is even named in a book, where both she and Apollo were part of a fraud scheme. She is suing the author for lying about her involvement.

How much is Phaedra Parks Net Worth SalaryBut according to new reports, there seems to be trouble in paradise. It sounds like people are talking about Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta—and the fact that she has separated from her husband, Apollo! Of course, she hasn’t confirmed or denied the news, given she has so much on her plate. And maybe she is trying to keep the news under wraps, as divorce has proven to be a good story line for the Bravo show.

According to The Urban Daily, it sounds like Apollo has moved out of their Atlanta home and is now living in his own apartment. It could be a stunt to secure a spot on the show when the next season starts filming, since many of the housewives are doing drastic things to secure their role on the show.

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