‘Real Housewives’ Sarah Winchester Bashes Heather Dubrow’s Marriage

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Sarah Winchester may not have been on many episodes this season, but she sure has made an impression. Not only did she manage to anger Vicki earlier this season, but she also managed to disgust many of Heather Dubrow’s guests by eating the bow from her cake. Well, since the episode aired, Sarah has had to defend herself greatly from haters and now she is taking the time to defend herself in her Bravo blog. In addition, she also slams Heather’s marriage to Terry.

To begin with, she doesn’t understand the point of the party. Heather was celebrating changing her name to Terry’s last name, not renewing her vows. “I am a firm believer that the whole ceremony of marriage is very sacred and should be considered a blessing that two people joined together in celebration of their love, commitment, and partnership and should be celebrated as such at the time, NOT 15 years later when its ‘convenient,'” The Real Housewives of Orange County star Sarah Winchester writes in her blog. Ouch! It sounds like Sarah both misunderstood the ceremony and slams Heather’s marriage to Terry.

However, Sarah believes that Heather’s confrontation was bullying. Just because Sarah couldn’t defend herself because she was drunk doesn’t mean Heather was bullying her when she was looking for an answer as to where her bow went. “Bullying is bulling. I call it like I see it,” Sarah writes. Do you think Sarah was bullied by Heather? Or do you think that Sarah is pulling the “victim” card?

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