‘Real Housewives’ Sexting Scandal Not Taken Seriously Enough

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Last week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kathy and Rich Wakile’s son Joseph received pictures of a half-naked woman who thought it would be fun to show her intimate parts with a teenage boy. While both he and his father Rich thought it was humorous that a grown woman would send the pictures to Joseph, his mother Kathy didn’t think it was funny at all. She even brought it up in her blog last week, writing “Sexting is no joke, and I can’t find any humor in it. But a mom is a mom is a mom.”

How much is Kathy Wakile Net WorthEven though the sexting scandal was last week, it is still being discussed. Rich explained that if Joseph would have been three years older, he wouldn’t have been so tough and deleted the pictures. During the last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rich made that joke that he would have written the woman and told her to “hold that thought” for three years, so Joseph could call her up — being legal and all.

However, Jacqueline Laurita also thought the sexting scandal thought have been taken more seriously. “I wonder if Rich would have been as laid back about an email like that if it had been his daughter at the age of 15 sending her private pictures to some guy on the internet,” she has written. It is probably true that he would have a different attitude if it was Victoria sending the pictures. 87.27 percent of fans who have been following this sexting scandal all agree that it was wrong for the woman to send the pictures to Joseph. Underage nude pictures aren’t cool, especially for underage children. 12.73 percent of fans didn’t think the pictures were as sad as they seem.

Did you think the sexting scandal was serious or comical? Did you think that it should have been taken more seriously?

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