‘Real Housewives’ Sheree Denies Throwing Kandi Under the Bus!

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Did Sheree throw Kandi under the bus? That’s the big question, after this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi Buress certainly thought so when Sheree Whitfield, a fellow member of the “smalls” (which is one of the two cliques the women divided themselves into) mouthed off to Kim Zolciak telling her that Kandi said that she couldn’t see Kim in Africa “holding little black babies”. Kandi denied ever saying this, and from watching the show, it doesn’t seem that she did. Cynthia Bailey was actually the one who made that statement, which she admitted on the show.

Sheree saw it a little differently, however. In an exclusive interview, WetPaint reports that Sheree stated, “First of all, the conversation in the jeep was a lot longer than was shown. It went on for several minutes.”

She goes on to say, “Second, I stand corrected: Cynthia did make the initial comment about Kim, but Kandi immediately agreed with her. She said something along the lines of, ‘I agree. Actually, I don’t see Kim in Africa period.’ Only that wasn’t shown. No one watching at home realized that Kandi had agreed with Cynthia. Hopefully, they’ll air the entire conversation during the reunion.”

So, Sheree is now correcting her first statement where she told Kim that Kandi made the racist comment about “holding black babies,” but she still denies that she threw Kandi under the bus? Her reasoning isn’t quite clear, but it’s clear that she’s not budging on her decision to tell Kim what was said during their Real Housewives‘ conversation. She still feels Kandi was wrong, and she was right because even though Kandi didn’t make the initial comment, she should not have agreed with Cynthia, being that she is Kim’s friend.

Obviously, Sheree feels that throwing someone under the bus can only be done if you’re doing it behind that person’s back. “I told Kim about the incident while Kandi was standing right there next to me — so I wasn’t throwing anyone under the bus.”

Sheree may not have thrown Kandi under the bus by her standards, but by her telling Kim without discussing her feelings about it with Kandi first, may seem a little shady by others’ standards.

During her interview with WetPaint, Sheree stated, “At the end of the day, I believe in friendship, I believe in loyalty.” So, in this case, it’s pretty clear where her loyalties lie.

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