‘Real Housewives’ Sheree Speaks Out on Dramatic Marlo

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars couldn’t be more different. While NeNe and Marlo think they are so much better than everyone else because of the money they have and their designer closets, Kandi and Phaedra seems to be all about having fun and not about the money they earn. And when one examines their worth, Kandi and Phaedra work hard for their income, which is more than NeNe and Marlo are doing at the moment. Sure, they have gigs here and there, but that can hardly be called careers.

Sheree Whitfield, one of the dramatic women who tend to keep her personal income a secret, is now speaking out about the women’s trip to South Africa and the drama between the two groups of women, the talls and the smalls. “Upon seeing Marlo, I knew instantly that there would be some drama, because she was not invited by Phaedra, the host,” Sheree writes in her official Bravo blog about The Real Housewives of Atlanta upon seeing Marlo at the airport.

Sheree may have kept a low profile throughout most of the trip, but it was her friend’s invite to the party that started the argument between Sheree and Marlo. In fact, many still don’t know why Marlo got so heated up about something that doesn’t even involve her. And Sheree doesn’t understand why it was necessary for Marlo to use an anti-gay slur to get her point across. “Why is she using hateful, derogatory words? Why would she choose to use that word to describe my friends,” Sheree questions.

And Marlo’s claim that Sheree is unable to find a man is simply false according to Sheree herself. She has many offers. “For the record, finding a man has NEVER been my problem. I refuse at this day and time to sell myself short,” she writes. “I like what I like, and I can tell you for certain that sleeping with senior citizens just for bags, shoes, or money definitely isn’t it.” Ouch, that is a direct stab at Marlo who is rumored to be sleeping with older men to support her lavish lifestyle and get all of those designer handbags and shoes.

So what is better; having sex with senior citizens and having a closet full of designer clothes and accessories or fight for child support in court and not selling yourself short?

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