‘Real Housewives’ Simon Ejaculated During Birth of His Child

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Simon and Alex may have been fired from The Real Housewives of New York, but they know how to get attention when they want it. After they were fired from the show, Alex announced that they were working on a parenting book together, which scared many people. Not only were Alex and Simon bragging about their children’s ability to speak various languages, but it seemed like they weren’t allowed to be children. However, now that their book is out, even more odd secrets are coming out and one of them is downright disgusting and freaky.


One thing that the parents didn’t share on The Real Housewives of New York was Alex and Simon’s experience when she was giving birth to François. Already in the first chapter, Alex describes the natural birth which included her having an orgasm and Simon ejaculating on her back. Yes, it is that disturbing. You probably thought this couple was odd before, but this new book will surely take it to a whole new level.

“Once he was finally out of my body, I experienced a tsunami of endorphins that was almost orgasmic and I understand completely the stories other women have written about ecstastic birth,” Alex writes in her book. “Simon was sitting behind me at the point of birth, and later when we untangled ourselves he discovered he’d actually ejaculated though hadn’t felt any of the normal lead-up to that.” She writes about it as it was the most normal thing ever, but many find it just too gross. Sure, her entire body was probably going crazy with nerves, but what’s Simon’s excuse? The fact that he has such a reaction to child birth is oddly scary.

Have you ever heard of this experience? And how does this change your perception of Simon and Alex?

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