‘Real Housewives’ Son Facing Charges After Hobo Prank

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Real Housewives of Miami star Peter Rosello seems to have gotten himself into a heap of trouble after a cruel prank went viral. The son of Alexia Echevarria was filmed as he punched a sleeping homeless man and ran earlier this week in South Beach and now, police are involved.

According to TMZ, the man in the video was contacted by the police shortly after the footage surfaced and he has requested to press charges against Peter for the cruel prank.

Police now want to speak directly to Peter, who seems to be stoned in the video, and may even arrest him on a felony assault charge. Unfortunately for Peter, new laws were recently passed in Florida because of these types of pranks which classify actions like those of Peter’s as hate crimes.

What Peter did was unprovoked and downright disgusting and he deserves to be punished for it. For someone to set out to assault someone and be so emotionless about it that they would post a video online is incredibly disappointing.

If Peter is found guilty on the charge he could be facing at least a year behind bars.

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