‘Real Housewives’ Son Pursuing Modeling Over Being a Professional Athlete?

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The first couple of seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County had Jeana Keough and her children on the show and viewers got to learn each of the children, including her oldest son Shane. He was very serious about his professional baseball career, because his father used to play baseball, as did his grandfather. It sounds like he wanted to continue the family’s baseball careers, but he was caught doing something else recently.

Shane Keough recently participated in a fashion show for designer Katya Williams. “Few from the fashion show,” Shane tweeted and shared a couple of pictures of him on the runway. Although he was only on The Real Housewives of Orange County a couple of times, he definitely got a huge following of female fans. He is a young, handsome and a professional athlete. And now he is a model.

On the show, he flirted with Slade Smiley’s fiancee at the time and he is rumored to be hooking up with current housewife guest, Sarah Winchester. She has only been on the show a couple of times, but she is much younger than the current housewives, so it makes sense of her and Slade to get it on behind the cameras.

Although Shane isn’t on the show anymore, he is surely using the fame from the show to get work and become a local celebrity. Are you surprised to see Shane doing modeling and do you think he is using his The Real Housewives of Orange County fame for his own benefit?

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