‘Real Housewives’ Star Taylor Leaves Restaurant in Tears: Twitter Bullied?

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Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had a tough year in 2011, including the end of her marriage and the suicide of her husband. And because of her behavior on the show and her odd stories to her friends that were interpreted as lies, people are lashing out at her on Twitter. Could that be why Taylor left a restaurant in tears last night?

X17 Online published some photos of Taylor leaving a restaurant last night in tears. She was covering her face with her clutch and one of her friends helped her into a car waiting for her outside. It was unclear as to what was wrong, but if one examines her Twitter account it is possible she is hurting because of the outbursts of random people.

Although celebrities should often just ignore the negative, it seems that this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is lashing back at her followers and taking everything personal. One fan wrote, “@taylorarmstrong on Beverly Housewives is so psycho! Omgosh! I think she may actually be crazy!” resulting in Taylor lashing back, “Just leave me alone!” Earlier yesterday, Taylor had asked people to stop tagging her in tweets, but it seems that request made people tag her even more than usual.

Another person tweeted, “@taylorarmstrong aha ure such a hoke and I’m actually embarrassed that I follow u, bye bye #unfollow.” Taylor replied, “don’t go away mad just go away #blocked.” Could these tweets that were replied to last night at around 9 pm be the reason why Taylor left the restaurant in tears?

If so, note to Taylor; don’t check your phone at the table.

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