‘Real Housewives': Taylor Armstrong a Heartless Woman?

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Everyone felt sorry for Taylor Armstrong when it was revealed that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had lost her estranged husband to suicide. At the time of the suicide, fans had only seen Taylor be treated poorly by her husband on the first season of the show and knew from the media that she had filed for divorce. In addition, she had mentioned that she was trying counseling, but since they were divorcing, people were speculating that things hadn’t worked out. But Russell’s ex-wife, Barbara Fredrickson and ex-fiancé Milette Fields, have a few things to say about Taylor Armstrong and her personality: They do not see her as a victim.

The two women believe that Taylor was being heartless and self-centered when she found out about Russell’s suicide. Surely, many people thought that he was selfish when he committed suicide, because he left so many children behind. But these women explain that Taylor didn’t even contact them to let them know what had happened with Russell. “She never called us to say he passed away,” Barbara explains. In addition, Taylor didn’t even call Russell’s mother to offer sympathies. They believe that Taylor thought it was all about her and no one else.


“She e-mailed Russell’s nephew to ask his mom to call her,” Barbara explains of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. Everyone apparently thought it was bad behavior. They also thought her behavior was odd when questions of the will came into play and people had to hire lawyers to get the answers.

So what is the deal with this The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star? Barbara believes that Taylor is hiding something valuable that Russell left behind. And they all think she is insane for writing a tell-all book, leading her to profit from Russell’s suicide.

What do you think about this? Are you in Taylor’s side now that you have seen what happened before the suicide or are you on Russell’s family’s side?

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