‘Real Housewives’ Taylor Armstrong’s Engagement Ring Up for Sale

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Ever since Taylor Armstrong’s husband committed suicide, she’s had to deal with the massive legal and financial issues that they accumulated during their marriage on her own. One of the things that she has been forced to do is hand over a prized possession in order to settle a lawsuit.
When the reality TV star’s massive engagement ring showed up on eBay, many people probably assumed that she put it up for sale herself to get some cash. With the recent reports that producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have decided to slowly phase her out of the show, it wouldn’t be surprising if she was doing all she can now to shore up her bank account.

According to TMZ however, she was forced to hand over her engagement ring to the investors who had sued her and Russell Armstrong for swindling them out of millions of dollars on a business deal. After her husband committed suicide, she struck a settlement deal with them that forced her to pay an undisclosed amount of money and personal property. Included in that personal property is her engagement ring, which the investors are now hoping will sell for $250,000.

Sources say that Taylor Armstrong is extremely pissed about the whole thing, especially since she wanted to pass on the ring to her daughter.

Considering that she claims that her husband was physically and verbally abusive throughout their marriage, it’s questionable why she would have even wanted to pass on an engagement ring from such a man to her daughter to celebrate a happy occasion.

Perhaps some of her friends on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be kind enough to chip in to buy the ring back for her. If only she was kinder and more rational to all of them.

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