‘Real Housewives’ Taylor Shares How She Told Kennedy about Abuse

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong has been promoting her book, Hiding From Reality, which chronicles her battles with her ex-husband Russell, who abused her during their marriage. Although he committed suicide last August, she hasn’t been silent about her troubles, readily writing the book and profiting from his death. Although fans were pleased to see that she would be okay after the domestic violence allegations, some were concerned for her daughter Kennedy.

How much money is Taylor Armstrong Net WorthTaylor admits in her book that Kennedy did see her father hit her mother twice during their marriage. She also explains that some nights she would be so scared of Russell that she would sleep in Kennedy’s bed, just because she had the feeling that he wouldn’t hit her in front of the child. But Kennedy knew what was going on and now Taylor is opening up about sharing the horrid reality of domestic violence with her daughter.

This Real Housewives of Beverly Hills admits that it was hard to talk about Russell, but she didn’t want her daughter to remember the bad things. Taylor explained that she told Kennedy good things, like ‘your daddy had a bad temper and that wasn’t okay, but he loved you very much.’ Kennedy was confused how Taylor could miss Russell when he beat her all the time. “I try to reinforce ‘Your daddy loves you, and I know he misses you,'” she explains to Hollywood Life.

If Taylor is certain about one thing, it is that she is determined to break the cycle with her. “It happens in a lot of relationships. You think you can change someone, and you can’t. You think that if they hit you for one reason or verbally abuse you for one reason and you don’t do that behavior again that it won’t happen again, and that’s not the case. They will always look for something new,” she explains to the website.

Do you think she handled it appropriately?

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