‘Real Housewives’ Teresa Giudice Threatens to Leave Joe Giudice if Cheating is Confirmed

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Throughout all the seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice has always kept a positive attitude, some say to the point of denial, no matter what was happening. However, it seems that she’s finally waking up a bit. Admitting that things are not so well in the Giudice household, she has said that she feels humiliated over her husband’s derogatory comments about her and that she would actually leave him if the cheating allegations turn out to be true.

She’s revealed that after watching an advance screening of an upcoming episode in which Joe Giudice refers to her as his “b**** wife” and “such a c***” during a secretive phone call, she felt “kicked in the stomach” and “humiliated.”

“I am not stupid,” she said. “”I will not be with him. I will totally leave him,” she said in regards to what she would do if the cheating allegations that have been swirling around turns out to be true.

“I can’t defend him on this. I’m hurt and disappointed by him,” she continued, adding that when she asked her husband why he spoke about her that way, he was “ashamed and embarrassed.”

Critics of Teresa Giudice and her husband will probably say that this recent incident was purely set up for TV ratings and to keep their names in the headlines. After all, how could Joe Giudice not know that he was being filmed when he answered the call and said those things? Whatever the case, hopefully their daughters, especially Gia, are shielded and don’t see their dad saying such offensive things toward their mother on TV.

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