‘Real Housewives': The Truth about Sheree’s Home Building Plans

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Sheree Whitfield is one of those stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta that is secretive about her finances, except when it comes to playing the victim. Her financial situation has been contradicted on the show several times. Last season, Sheree complained that she hadn’t received child support from her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, and that she was forced to sell her house. What did she do with all the money she got in the divorce?

Well, this season on the show, Sheree is seen in several scenes building a large home on a vacant lot. She makes it seem like that is her home and that she is footing the bill, but it turns out that she did not purchase the lot and she may actually have contributed very little to the purchase of the property and building costs.

According to Reality Tea, the property was purchased by Sheree’s mother, Thelma Ferguson, when it was in foreclosure for $300,000. Although The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had plans to get 7-figures from her ex-husband, she got around $1 million, which she blew on an Aston-Martin, which has since been seized. Talk about bad money management!

So who will be living in the home on the property? Well, according to the Reality Tea report, the home has yet to be built and the property is actually in the same condition as portrayed on the show. Turns out, Sheree may not have the money to finish the home and it is questionable how much her mother wants to finance a house for her daughter, who can’t live within her means. Are you surprised about The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s stars financial troubles?

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