Real Houswife of NJ Danielle Staub a Good Mother? Stripers, Gangsters and Delusion Oh My

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are by far the most insane group of women to grace Bravo. Teresa Giudice filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Dina has gone spiritual, and Jacqueline confronts dealing with a rebellious teenager on the daily. But the craziest of them all is single-mom and nutcase Danielle Staub.

Last week a charity event held at the Manzo’s Brownstone was rudely “crashed” by Danielle and her gangster friends. All of the ladies took to their blogs to trash Danielle, her friends and their inappropriate behavior; exposing Danielle for the headcase that she is.

This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Danielle and Dina have a sit-down chat. After the outburst at the Brownstone Danielle accuses Jacqueline’s daughter of creating a hate-fan page on Facebook. Jacqueline and Teresa confront Ashely about the attacks and try to put an end to it. Recently spiritual Dina decides to follow her energist’s advice and have a face-to-face meeting with Danielle to officially cut her out of her life. Needless to say that Dina’s confrontation with Danielle Staub was
nothing but negative.

Danielle repeatedly attacks Teresa Giudice for being a bad mother on her blog. But shouldn’t Danielle be looking in the mirror. Danielle Staub has two daughters that are at very influential ages right now. In the first episode of the second season we saw Danielle do a drive-by of Caroline’s house with her daughters, who were mortified in the back seat of the Range Rover.

Last week we saw Danielle and clan show up to a charity event at the Brownstones, where he goal was to give the Manzo’s a “psycological F You” by going to the Brownstones as an “honored guest.” As Jaqueline write in her blog, “This hostility and calculating move was intended toward [Chris] (Caroline’s son) who have never done anything to Danielle. This aggression is coming from a grown woman towards a young man.”

Danielle is so wrapped up in herself she completely neglects her children. Danielle’s daughter got the chance to walk in a runway show during NYC fashion week, a huge experience and honor. Danielle threw her daughter a luncheon to honor her accomplishment, however her daughter was not invited, thus making it all about her, oh and the other housewives who did not show up.

On the topic of more publicity and self-exposure, it is also circulating that Danielle’s sex tape is going to be exposed. What kind of mother wants a sex tape to be publicly exposed. This is a terrible message she is sending to women and girls. On top of everything that she is seen doing on the show now a sex tape comes out. I truly feel sorry for her daughters, it seems like they have no one stable to turn to.

I wonder if CYF is watching this train-wreck, hopefully these girls have someone stable in their life they can turn to. Clearly Danielle is more interested in getting even with the other Housewives and clearing her “garbage” name than the well-being of her own children.

This delusional housewife needs to figure her stuff out before it is too late.

How do you create a positive role and atmosphere for your family?

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