Real Life Edward Scissor Hands (video)

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Ever been to a salon where the stylist working on your hair is so comfortable and quick with their shears that the two almost seem to be one? Well, one edgy stylist has taken that to the next level. Valentino LoSauro of Fort Myers, Fl. hopes to revolutionize the hair industry with a new invention that has many people drawing comparisons to Tim Burton’s Edward Scissor Hands.

It’s called Clawz. These small razor blade fingertip attachments made of stainless steel may look menacing to some but the result of the haircut is pure genius. For those of you who love the choppy look, like myself, the Clawz are right up your ally! These extra sharp fingernails were designed for extraordinary texture and they are accomplishing angles a simple shear cannot. And the best part is… this new technique will literally trim a significant amount of time off of your appointment.

LoSauro, a 35 year stylist veteran, hopes that his Clawz will bring a new excitement to the experience of getting a haircut. And with razor sharp fingers dancing around your head, who wouldn’t be trembling with excitement (or fear… but hopefully more excitement).

This is the future, people. And we live in fast times. If you wouldn’t dare think to settle for an excruciatingly slow internet connection (personally I would rather die! Down with dial-up!) then why spend hours sitting at a salon? Just imagine a world where traffic didn’t exist, no long lines at Starbucks, and squeezing in a posh haircut during your lunch break was feasible. The Clawz can make it all happen! (ok, probably not all of that… I got a little excited at the end.)

For more information on Valentino LoSauro and The Clawz visit and watch NBC interview with LoSauro here.

Would You Try a Clawz Haircut?




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