Real-life ‘Mob Wives’ Arrest: Details on Junior Pagan

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The VH1 hit show Mob Wives had something ‘real’ happen last week. Renee Graziano’s ex-husband, Junior Pagan, has been released from prison on the show and is home working things out with Renee. And although they are currently happy on the show, he was arrested just last week during filming on Staten Island. He was scheduled to play a large role on the show, but producers have only filmed seven of the scheduled 12 episodes for this season, so the arrest will be shown.

Junior Pagen was arrested last week with his father-in-law, her father Anthony Graziano. Pagan was revealed last night to be wearing a wire in a sting operation, so Renee has lost both her father and her ex-husband in the arrests last week. And given how she reacted last season on Mob Wives when the biggest arrest happened on the show, fans are wondering how she is doing.

“Renee is an open book and lets people into her life because she wants people to understand what she’s going through,” the show’s creator explained. Renee is doing what she can and taking it as it comes. But will she be able to forgive her ex-husband for putting her father back in prison? This could be a deal-breaker for Renee, not to mention her father. Junior may not be invited to family events anymore once he gets out.

Look forward to an exciting season ahead.

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