Real Showmanship (WWE, Wednesday Writing Essentials Challenge, 1/16/13, Mind Control)

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“You, Miss, in the animal print dress… yes, you, come on up here,” called the entertainer. All eyes followed the spotlight to Teda, as she reluctantly rose from her seat, in the audience.


Arriving on-stage, she was greeted by his ringing voice. “Let’s give this courageous young woman a hand, folks!” and the audience cheered and clapped.


“I can’t do this,” she thought, in sudden panic, “The moon is full.”


“Sit right here,” he told her. “What’s your name?”


“Teda Wolf,” she replied.


“Ahh, very nice. Now, Teda, I want you to relax. Take a look at this shiny little ball on the string I’m holding. I want you to watch the ball and concentrate on relaxing all your muscles. Start from your toes and fingertips and relax each muscle. Listen to my voice. Relax…”


Three minutes later, the hypnotist turned to the audience.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, shall we ask our nice Miss Wolf to become ‘the big bad wolf’? What do you say?”


The audience cheered.


He turned to his subject and said gently, “When I snap my fingers, you will open your eyes – the eyes of a wolf – and you will attempt to bite my hand. As soon as I snap my fingers again, you will return to yourself and feel quite refreshed. You will remember everything.” At that, he snapped his finger before Teda’s face. Her reaction was instant; she leapt for his throat and ripped it out. Licking the blood from her lengthening muzzle, she turned her attention on the panicked, stampeding audience.


Hours later, in her den, she curled up and tucked her muzzle under her tail. “Stupid!” she thought, sleepily. “Never tempt a werewolf during the full moon. Now, I’m going to have to find a new human identity.”


Challenge: You are either a hypnotist having fun with people’s minds or you are the victim of a hypnotist’s whims. What happened while under a trance and what happened after?

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