‘Real World’ Recap 5/4: Lesbians, and Pregnancies, and STDs! Oh MY!

The latest Real World Las Vegas found Heather and Nany’s inner lesbians gettin’ down and dirty, and Leroy giving Naomi a lot more than she bargained for in the sack. Following last week’s gay porn shocker, RWLV continued to deliver the sizzling scandals that viewers hope and pray for on Wednesday nights.

In his time of need, Dustin’s hometown friends show up to cheer up their boy—and actually seem super relaxed, given the fact that their beloved best friend Dustin and their favorite late-night virtual tour guide, Spencer, turn out to be one in the same. In fact, the boys all circle around the computer to watch Dustin’s “videos” and share a good laugh. Weird. It turns out that Dustin isn’t the only housemate pinch-hitting for the other team; however, as Nany and Heather—Dustin’s ex-girlfriend—have a couple of bottles of champagne, hit the hot tub, and put on a show, which rivals Mila and Natalie’s (wink) Oscar-winning performance in Black Swan.

While Heather admits to regretting her sexual actions, it turns out that Naomi and Leroy are regretting a few decisions of their own. With the presence of a burning sensation and the absence of a period, Naomi must go to the clinic to have STD and pregnancy tests done. Leroy plays it a bit too cool by more or less dismissing the situation, which leaves Naomi feeling scared and alone, and which leaves the viewer feeling downright awkward. The situation ultimately leads to a happy ending as Naomi’s tests come back “negative” across the board, and Leroy vows to change his promiscuous ways in the future.

Seems like a pretty action packed episode, right? Cooke sets her sights on a newly single Dustin.What else could fit into a mere hour of realty TV beyond Lesbians, pregnancies, and STDs? Why, more scandal, of course!

The end of the episode sees a down-and-out Dustin fresh off his breakup with Heather, getting up close and personal with the newest housemate, Cooke. This culminates with a taxicab make out (which Leroy watches creepily) and promises fireworks and drama in the next episode. Bart Scott said it best: “Can’t wait.”

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