‘Real World’ Star Joey Kovar Found Dead

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Joey Kovar, a cast member on The Real World: Hollywood in 2008, was found dead at a friend’s house near Chicago on Friday morning, TMZ reports. His family suspects it was a drug overdose.

A female friend discovered Kovar, 29, with blood coming out of his ears and nose and called 911, but sadly it was too late. Kovar was pronounced dead at the scene.

Unfortunately the reality TV star’s family is probably right about the cause of death. By the time the bodybuilder and personal trainer began The Real World, he had already been struggling with substance abuse for at least a couple of years but had apparently been clean for a while. He left in the middle of the season to go into rehab for 30 days due to his drinking problem, tearfully breaking the news to his housemates on the show.

Later Kovar exited the show for good, as he worried about having another relapse. It could not have been easy for someone with his addiction problems to deal with TV stardom, especially living in a place like Hollywood, where every kind of temptation is readily available.

In 2010, Joey Kovar tried to face his demons on the show Celebrity Rehab. Besides alcohol, he had problems with cocaine and steroids, among other drugs. The official cause of death has not yet been determined, but it would be no surprise if drugs turn out to be the culprit. Yet another sad reminder of the dangers facing young people hoping to become famous and make it in show business.

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