‘Real World’ Star Joey Kovar Posing Nude for Playgirl Magazine – Calls out ‘The Situation’

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Former “Real World” star, Joey Kovar, is reportedly posing nude for Playgirl magazine. Kovar appeared on the “Real World Hollywood” edition of the show and actually left the show due to his problems with alcohol abuse.

The Real World Cast.jpgAccording to TMZ’s report, Kovar is being offered $20,000 for a full-frontal naked Playgirl shoot.  Kovar recently told TMZ “I take a lot of pride in how hard I work on my body … The Situation ain’t got nothin’ on me.”

Joey was one of the eight original roommates on the “Real World Hollywood.”  Fellow cast members (pictured at left) included Greg, David, Brianna, Brittni, Nick, Kimberly and Sarah.  An additional cast member, Will, was sent home for failing to report for the assigned employment the roommates were required to participate in. Over at Wikipedia, Kovar is said to hail from Chicago, Illinois, and is described as a personal trainer and former bodybuilder.  He and his admirers are hoping that translates to a sizzling spread in the magazine.

TMZ reported that a rep from Playgirl magazine said, “Joey exemplifies the sort of hot ‘Jersey Shore’ type that people are really into right now.”  Joey Kovar will appear in the March issue of the magazine.

Kovar not only appeared on the Hollywood version of MTV’s “Real World” television series, but he was also part of “Celebrity Rehab 3.”  His problems with alcohol were one of the major themes on the MTV reality series, including some drunken nights which terrified his roommates.  Kovar finally decided to remove himself from the home to get help at the suggestion of the show’s producers.

Amazingly, Kovar now has all sorts of opportunities to advance himself.  There’s been talk that he will begin training for professional wrestling and he may wind up with TNA’s wrestling company.   All of this news makes one wonder how such strange reality TV manufactured celebrities are able to make a name for themselves and get opportunities that many everyday individuals don’t get!

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