‘Real World’ Star Joey Kovar’s Death Ruled Overdose

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Real World star Joey Kovar’s death was suspected by his family to be caused by drugs and it turns out, they were right. Joey, who had been battling with addiction for years, had taken several drugs before his death and the woman he had stayed with is speaking out.

Joey had went to Stacey Achterhof’s home just before midnight on Thursday night where he informed her he had been doing cocaine and needed a ride to get more. Stacey refused to take him anywhere and suggested he stay with her. She may have been trying to do the right thing but unfortunately, it was too late and the damage had already been done.

According to TMZ, Joey had also been drinking and took “some viagra” before messing around with Stacey. Stacey had fallen asleep before Joey and when she awoke, she found him bleeding from the nose and ears. Joey’s eyes were also “blackened” which is common after overdose. It must have been a terrifying moment for Stacey to see such a devastating sight.

Stacey tells police that she’d seen Joey use Adderall and Xanax in recent weeks. Although he was prescribed the meds, he was taking more than he should have been—way more.

It’s always an unfortunate thing when someone so young passes away, especially when it should have never happened. Why would a doctor presribe narcotic drugs to an addict?

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