Reality Steve reveals the ‘Bachelor Pad’ winner

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The Bachelor Pad winner will not be announced until Monday night, but as is often the case, gossip guru Reality Steve is a step ahead of the show. The finale for Bachelor Pad taped Tuesday, and Steve’s sources were right in the mix. Thanks to a late-night blog post by Reality Steve, fans of the show will not have to wait until Monday to learn who wins.

According to Steve, the final four are Michelle Money, Graham Bunn, Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst. Each contestant gets a chance to try to convince the other 14 competitors that they should be the Bachelor Pad winner, and they are asked some questions. Next, the 14 eliminated Bachelor Pad contestants cast their vote for which couple deserves to win the money. While many fans expected Michelle and Graham to take this one, it is a landslide for Michael and Holly, with a vote of 10 for Michael/Holly against 4 for Michelle/Graham.

Before either is officially declared the Bachelor Pad winner, Michael and Holly have to go backstage. Surprisingly, the “Keep” versus “Share” twist is back. If they both pick “Share,” Michael and Holly will split the $250,000. If one picks “Share” while the other picks “Keep,” the one choosing “Keep” gets the $250,000. Finally, if they both pick “Keep,” the money is split amongst the 14 eliminated players. While Michael is said to play it up a bit, both Michael and Holly pick “Share,” so they are splitting the money.

According to Reality Steve, the former fiances share the Bachelor Pad winner title. Are you surprised by the outcome? Who were you rooting for to win? Don’t miss a minute of the three-hour finale next Monday night on ABC’s Bachelor Pad.

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