Reality Steve’s 2014 ‘Bachelor’ Spoiler Date Set

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Reality Steve Carbone was on Twitter teasing his fans and followers with the start date for his 2014 Bachelor spoilers. This upcoming season of the hit ABC reality TV series will have Juan Pablo as The Bachelor.

Steve doesn’t have much respect for Juan but he does have high hopes the season will be a train-wreck. In the end isn’t that all fans want? Isn’t it better to watch good television instead of potential love?

Well, that question would draw mixed reactions from fans because some believe the show is staged anyway while others really want to see true love unfold before them.

What’s Reality Steve’s first spoiler for the show going to be?

He tweeted, “I will be posting 5 of Juan Pablo’s girls on Wednesday. ‘Daily Links’ returns tomorrow. Some1 should let him know so he can prejudge them”

Carbone has a lot of advice but the only area fans really care about is the spoilers he manages to get.

Now then, everyone will want a glimpse at who these five women will be. Will they be as beautiful as past contestants and more importantly, will Pablo cheat and check them out before filming?

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