Reality Steve’s 2014 ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Juan Pablo’s Hometown Dates Revealed!

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Reality Steve’s spoilers for 2014’s Bachelor season starring Juan Pablo are getting hot. The King of Reality has hometown date information and he’s leaking them. Steve loves to dish juicy spoilers because, hey, that’s what keeps him employed.

So, what’s in store for fans during Juan Pablo’s Bachelor season? Hometown dates will start in Sacramento, CA with Clare and work their way east with Nikki in Kearney, MO, Andi in Atlanta and end with Renee in Sarasota on October 29th. Hopefully one of these four will keep Juan’s interest since he’s something of womanizer.

Steve initially guessed the hometown dates would go from east to west but that wasn’t the case. The first hometown date was on Wednesday and Reality Steve is guessing the final four rose ceremony will most likely take place in Miami, FL around Wednesday, October 30th. Now you know who not to bet on when the show finally airs in 2014.

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