Reality Television Stars Viewers Love To hate

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All reality television stars have their fans but many of them are considered villains to other viewers who happily have a love/hate relationship with the stars.

New talk show host, Bethenny Frankel, has her share of haters not only with television fans but within the celebrity world as well. But why not? She started out on Real Housewives of New York even though she wasn’t a housewife, stepped on others to get her own reality show, and then made herself a millionaire by touting some drink she “created.”

The overly confident, Aubrey O’Dey, who was last seen on Celebrity Apprentice, is another star few people liked—but no one loved Aubrey as much as Aubrey so she probably didn’t notice some of the mean things being said about her.

And what about the nasal singing New Jersey housewife, Melissa Gorga? The woman crosses herself and thanks Jesus so much it gets on everyone’s nerves. Did she get her singing career by believing in God, actually having some talent, or having the good luck to have a sister-in-law who paved the way for Melissa to get on a popular television show that handed her the opportunity to sing?

Even though viewers might hate some of these stars, it’s these same reality television stars that get viewers to watch the shows. According to, “it’s the villains who causes all the drama and gives the show its luster.”

The list of stars fans love to hate is endless; Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms, any of the Kardashians, Puck from the Real World: San Francisco, Angelina Pivarnick from Jersey Shore, and how about Angelea Preston from America’s Next Top Model? All annoying, all easy to hate, and some are villains, but all of them bring fans back to tune in weekly.

Keep up that love/hate relationship and make a list of the television reality stars who you just couldn’t do without. Make sure you have plenty of paper.

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