Reality TV: ‘The Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Debuts With High Ratings

After what seemed like months of endless hype, Reality TV fans can finally exhale. The Real Housewives of Vancouver finally hit Canadian television screens last week – and it’s probably safe to say the rest of the world will never look at the Olympic city in the same way again.

Slice Network brought in a reported 109,000 viewers for the two-hour debut – the highest rated of any Real Housewives premiere this side of the border.

Hundreds of viewers took to Twitter during the season opener to express both dismay and appreciation of the latest entry in the guilty-pleasure franchise – with many commenting on everything from the new housewives’ “scary plastic surgery,” or the fact “this doesn’t represent Vancouver in the slightest.”

Think Botox, booze and expensive cars – in spades. The west coast housewives certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to delivering on the luxury quotient, proving that money is no object for this latest crop of Reality TV starlets.

What is for sure is that RHOV isn’t going anywhere soon. Slice Network reportedly has thirteen episodes scheduled for the first season; and if ratings stay solid, a second season is more than likely.

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