Really? Will Demi Moore Be Changing Her Twitter Name?

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Really? Really. People have honestly asked this question. Will Demi Moore be changing her Twitter name in light of her plans to divorce Ashton Kutcher? Can you imagine that such a thought even crossed people’s minds?

According to a report from, it’s true. People want to know if Moore will keep her present Twitter handle of “MrsKutcher” or change it to something new. People are even talking about how simple it will be for Demi to make the change, and they’re making it known that thus far her name has stayed the same.

The Ashton KutcherDemi Moore Movies debacle was bound to come to a proverbial head, for goodness sake. He had sex with a girl the age of one of Demi’s daughters. Why are people acting so surprised that she has decided to divorce the philandering pig?

Demi Moore announced today that she will in fact file divorce papers to dissolve her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. All sorts of topics have arrived at media outlets since that announcement, with the question about the Twitter name being just one of many.

What do you suppose Demi Moore might use as her new Twitter handle–perhaps something completely ingenious like–well, how about Demi Moore? There’s an idea. That way when people can no longer find her on Twitter as MrsKutcher, perhaps they could simply type in her own name instead.

Now that this issue is out in the open with a viable solution, all Twitter followers can hopefully breathe a collective sigh of profound relief. Because in this world of joblessness, a failing economy, starvation, and broken marriages, goodness knows there’s nothing more important to tend to than one’s Twitter account.

Demi Moore, please keep your Twitter followers apprised of your new Twitter moniker–as well as every last detail of what you’ve done since dinner tonight.

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