Reasons to Get Excited About Fall TV

Fall TV is just around the corner and there are plenty of reasons for excitement about new and returning shows. Here are just a few of them.

Britney Spears will début on X Factor. People are dying to see how she judges new singers. Will she be harsh and critical or will she be supportive and balanced in her critiques? Commercials running at the moment show there’s a bit of Simon Cowell in Spears. Is there enough room for two mean people on the same panel?

Mariah Carey hits American Idol. Rumor has it that Mimi is none too happy with a possible Nicki Minaj pairing so things could get really ugly before everything’s said and done. But then what’s a little drama between friends (or enemies)?

Elena turns vampire goddess at last. Will the change of heart, or lack thereof, mean she’ll finally do the deed with Damon? Maybe she’ll dump both Salvatore brothers and turn her sights to someone with a touch more evil, like Klaus. Whatever occurs, it’ll be interesting and a departure from anything seen so far on The Vampire Diaries.

Fringe is back. It’s the show’s last year but one thing seems certain. It will be memorable. Everything about this quirky drama has been top-notch. With the show doing its swan song, things are bound to only get better.

Magic returns to Once Upon a Time and, with it, a myriad of possibilities for last season’s hottest new show. Emma gets to know her parents at last. Belle finds out just how evil her version of a prince is and the mayor pulls out the worst of her evil magic. Storybrook will never be the same again.

More Game of Thrones is coming soon. If there’s one show most people can’t get enough of, it’s this one. Always creative, dark and foreboding, its certain to bring plenty of drama and unfortunate killings to the small screen. Will they skewer another president or presidential wannabe and place his head on spike too? Fans will have to wait and see.

The spooky happenings return in Haven. Based on Stephen King’s Colorado Kid, this quirky show is always full of creativity and lots of surprises. Just when one thinks they have it figured out, the writers throw in a new twist or curve. It never gets dull or boring.

Dancing With the Stars All-Stars will dethrone more than one champion. The question is this. Will someone new take that mirrorball trophy or will there be a repeat performance for one of the stars. The money is on the latter, but anything is possible.

What are you excited about with regard to fall TV? Sound off below.

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