Rebecca Black Cried Over Negative ‘Friday’ Comments

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Rebecca Black, the girl behind YouTube viral music video, “Friday,” is revealing she’s surprised about the response she’s gotten to the video.

Black, who’s video “Friday” hit the YouTube jackpot, quickly became beloved by some teens and tweens, and the subject of jokes for many others. In fact, she’s been getting a lot of negative and mean spirited comments.

“Those hurtful comments really shocked me,” Rebecca, 13, revealed. “At times, it feels like I’m being cyber-bullied.” Upon hearing some of the hateful comments, she it seems she is, in fact being cyber-bullied.

“I hope you cut yourself, and I hope you’ll get an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty,” Rebecca Black revealed as the worst comments. “When I first saw all the nasty comments, I did cry Â… I don’t think I’m the worst singer, but I don’t think I’m the best.”

Love it or hate it, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has become popular. However, teenagers need to learn that just because their favorite stars on accessible through the internet on sites like Twitter and Facebook, that does not give them the right to bully. Celebrities have feelings too. Whether you like their work or not, telling them to “cut” themselves is just hateful.

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