Rebecca Black Didn’t Write ‘Friday': Writer Feels Bad for Teen Singer

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Rebecca Black has received lots of press for her infamous song Friday, which has been considered one of the worst songs ever written. The interesting thing is that the young singer didn’t even write that song. Are you that surprised?


Rebecca Black’s Friday video is officially the most “disliked” YouTube video. The person who actually wrote the song is Patrice Wilson. Wilson is the founder of Ark Music Factory, and he also appeared in the most disliked video as a rapper.

Rebecca Black Didn't Write 'Friday': Writer Feels Bad for Teen SingerOf the song, Wilson said, “‘Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.’ I mean, everybody knows that, obviously, but I wanted the song to be simple and kind of sweet. People talk so much about how silly or stupid the lyrics are, but pop songs, they’re meant to be catchy and to tell things in a simple kind of way. I feel bad that Rebecca has been getting so many people criticizing the song. Because it was me that wrote it.”

Wilson is actually upset that Rebecca Black is getting such a negative reaction to his simple song Friday. For Ark Music, he charges children and their parents $2,000 to $4,000 to help them fulfill their aspirations of becoming pop stars.

Whatever you actually think about Rebecca Black and Friday, there is no doubt that it has gotten the attention of the nation. It comes down to the fact that no matter if people hate the song, it is certainly getting a lot of play. Black has made several thousands from this song, which may be the worst song ever. So, is hate the new love? It just may be in pop music. Check out the official video below.

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