Rebecca Black in the Studio for 2012 Sophomore Album

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Rebecca Black is riding the fame coaster all the way to the bank. Rumor has it that the “Friday” viral video sensation is in the studio making preparations for a 2012 sophomore album.

Thanks to the Ark Music Factory, Ryan Seacrest, and a plug from “The X Factor’s” Simon Cowell, the 13-year-old Orange County newly-minted teen is enjoying her moment’s in fame.

Black, after logging nearly 30 million hits on YouTube since she released her low-budget “Friday” video, is already making moves for a follow-up album release.

Haters or not, anyone who manages to get those kind of fans in that short period of time has the right to boast about overnight success.

After “Friday” took off into the cosmos, it would only stand to reason that a second album would be in the works by Rebecca Black.

While many people like, Simon Cowell, applaud the young teen’s success and legitimacy as a musical artist, there are those, who have taken to a mud-slinging campaign against her.

Remember Rebecca Black is just 13 years old, and is only doing what young teens her age does daily in front of the mirror when no one is looking.

For her heroics in putting together a video that caught the interests of Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell, Black has to have some “street-cred,” right?

A release in December 2012 seems an awful long time, considering the shelf-life of many artists in the business are measured by the swing of a pendulum.

Will Rebecca Black have staying power until after “Black Friday” 2012? Eureka! Perhaps, that would make a good name for her second album.

Photo Credit: OK Magazine (media capture)

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